Wie Onlineshop-Betreiber ihre Umsätze innerhalb von 6 Monaten um 37,6% steigern...

…ohne, dass sie einen Cent mehr in Werbung investieren müssen.

agencro® - creative revenue optimization

Eine Nachricht von Yannic Wagner
Conversion-Experte für Onlineshops

Wenn es Dir wie den meisten Shopbetreibern mit eigener Brand da draußen geht, dann kennst Du vielleicht diese Probleme hier nur zu gut:

Deine aktuellen Margen werden von monatlich hohen 5-stelligen Werbeausgaben in allen Social Media Kanälen aufgefressen – Und es fehlen einfach die entscheidenden
20-30% mehr Gewinn, um den Hahn endlich noch weiter aufdrehen zu können.

Mehrere Performance Marketing Agenturen waren am Werk, Du kaufst regelmäßig UGC ein und sponsorst täglich neue Influencer, aber so richtig läuft es noch nicht – ab einer gewissen Skalierung stößt Du auf ein Plateau, dass sich nicht überwinden lässt…

Keine Sorge: So geht es den meisten D2C Brands da draußen, die auf einem Niveau von 120.000 – 700.000€ Monatsumsatz festhängen.
agencro® - creative revenue optimization
agencro® - creative revenue optimization

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The strategy how ecom stores add a solid 37,6% in revenue within 6 months...

…without spending a single cent more in paid ads.

agencro® - creative revenue optimization

A message by Yannick Schehl
CRO Expert for eCom

If you’re like most shop owners with your own brand out there, then you might be all too familiar with these issues:

Your current margins are being devoured by monthly high five-figure advertising expenses across all social media channels – And you’re just missing that crucial 20-30% more profit to really crank up the volume.

Several performance marketing agencies have taken a crack at it, you regularly purchase UGC and sponsor new influencers daily, but things still aren’t taking off – at a certain scale, you encounter a plateau that seems insurmountable…

Don’t worry: This is a common scenario for most D2C brands out there stuck at a monthly revenue level between $120,000 – $700,000.

agencro® - creative revenue optimization

Why the seemingly perfect traffic strategy hasn't delivered what you were hoping for...

Many shop owners believe they need to constantly chase the latest media buying strategies to finally see a boost in profits. They’re bombarded with terms like „Bulletproof Creative Framework,“ „9:16 Revolution,“ „Server-side tracking,“ among other so-called GAME CHANGERS for their shop, thinking a bigger ad budget will solve everything…

As a result, they routinely switch agencies, invest in expensive pixel-tracking solutions, or hop onto the latest ad trends.

However, they repeatedly discover that despite generating substantial revenue, the net profit is disappointingly low. The ads are profitable, but not enough. The shop is operational, but not performing at its peak. They believe their product is compelling enough that it should be attracting a flood of orders every day..

The reason they’re stuck is that in their obsession with generating traffic, they’ve overlooked a fundamental factor that makes all their previous efforts evaporate…

The truth is: Without a fundamentally optimized online store, all ads are worthless!

Reflect on this scenario:

Your customer is scrolling through social media and pauses at your advertisement, which, through precise targeting, engages them right when they’re grappling with a significant issue. They then read your impeccably written ad copy. Following this, they view your flawlessly produced ad video.

In short: They’re captivated by your product.

They click on the link in the ad…

…and after a 10-second loading time, they arrive at a run-of-the-mill product page that lacks all the allure that was established in the advertisement.

Frustration mounts. They find no reviews for your product. No shipping times. No further benefits. No incentive to make a purchase NOW.

The trust that was built up evaporates – the customer exits the shop.

At this juncture, everything you did right previously is rendered moot. The cost of video production becomes irrelevant. Or how efficiently the Facebook algorithm functioned thanks to „Custom Tracking Solutions.“ The customer has left. Not because the advertisement was lacking, but simply because your shop did not perform up to par.

The solution is clear:

A fundamentally new perspective on your shop as the paramount touchpoint in the customer’s journey is key to achieving profitable advertisements and unlocking sustainable scaling potential.

Traffic x Conversion = Outcome.

The moment you start to methodically and strategically enhance your shop for increased revenue per click, you’ll observe a significant uplift in your KPIs across all levels – without needing to adjust your advertisements whatsoever.

⌀ 2, %
agencro® - creative revenue optimization

average conversion rate

To shift your shop from its current status as a "profit-killer" to a powerful engine for conversions, your online store needs to undergo the following transformations:

1. You need to rectify the widespread mistakes that many shop owners make without realizing it.

2. Your store requires a thorough makeover, step by step, to forge a seamless funnel that complements your advertising efforts perfectly.

3. Your product offerings in the store must be strategically organized to encourage MORE customers to purchase MORE, thereby increasing your average cart value.

Implementing these strategies will reduce the „friction“ within the store to a bare minimum, instantly boosting the profitability of your advertisements. With the same number of clicks, this can lead to an increase of 30-40% more customers and a 10-20% rise in customer value, translating into an additional tens of thousands of euros per month at your current sales level – all without needing to tweak your traffic sources.

Unsure where to begin? We’re eager to guide you through these steps one by one. Partnering with us brings your brand solid results across three dimensions:


conversion rate

will rise.


average order value (AOV)

will skyrocket.


customer lifetime value (CLV)

will explode.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve repeatedly proven that we can help online stores like yours achieve these goals in record time – our clients see an average revenue increase of 37.6% within the first six months of partnering with us. Click on the link to schedule a free Conversion Audit with us!

During this audit, we will discover how these steps can be applied to your brand as well, to sustainably boost your shop’s profit through our proprietary system.

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